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10 Alternatives To Wedding Cake

A wedding is a very important event in a person's life. We have compiled information about 10 Alternatives To Wedding Cake from a wide variety of sources for you.

10 Creative Alternatives to Wedding Cake | Planning a ...
    Sweet variations use fruit preserves (typically apricot, cherry, peach or nectarine) or berries as a filling. Not only is this a delicious alternative to a wedding cake, but it's also incredibly chic.

10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake | Indian Ridge
    Pie. Pie is the perfect dessert for a Rustic Style wedding. Traditional flavors …

10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake | Glamour

10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake -
    10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake. More and more it seems that wedding couples are branching out when it comes to their wedding desserts. Why settle for a traditional tiered cake, when you and your fiancé might be a fan of another sweet treat? Make sure not to forgo your own wishes for the sake of tradition.

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10 Wedding Cake Alternatives - ChickAdvisor
    We rounded up 10 delicious and quirky ideas for an alternative to the wedding cake. #1: Donuts. (images via,, abeautifulmess, ) We recently divulged that donuts had become our new obsession. They're sweet, colourful and you can get seriously creative with some fun flavours.

10 Alternatives to the Superstitious Baby-Making Wedding Cake
    From the traditional apple pie to key lime, there also pecan, pumpkin, coconut custard, meringue, mincemeat (which is actually pretty sweet), bride’s (which I don’t recommend, look up the ingredients if you don’t trust me), moon …

35 Cheap And Cool Wedding Cake Alternatives - …
    Cake pops, krispy rice cakes, croquembouche, macarons, brownies with fresh berries are all great alternatives to make your wedding dessert table unique. Enjoy! serving choco tacos will be a fun and whimsy option, and your dessert will brign a strong party feel

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