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10 Ingredients Of Successful Marriage

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Ten Ingredients for a Successful Marriage
    Ten Ingredients for a Successful Marriage. Both spouses being Christ-followers. Communication, talking and listening. This means REALLY listening to each other. Putting your spouse before yourself – Preferring his or her needs above my own. Making decisions together. (Seeking counsel) Maintaining ...

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    Let’s examine some necessary ingredients: 1. God-centered. God must be in the center of each marriage for it to blossom and reach its full potential.

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    Answer: 1. Love 2. Understanding/ Respect 3. Care 4. Loyalty 5. Shared Philosophy 6. Cooperation 7. Growth 8. Involvement 9. Sharing and Giving 10. Communication

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    That said, I’m not going to define “successful marriage.” What I will say is that without embracing at least some of the following steps, a successful marriage won’t be yours in 2020 or otherwise. 20 ingredients of a successful marriage. In thinking about the qualities of a successful marriage, I found it a bit too easy to generalize.

    A successful marriage does not come easy—may we earnestly strive to honour God with our marriage. Prayer: Almighty God, though a successful marriage requires many things, it is most important that I keep my focus first on You. Consecrate me, Lord, and develop in me the qualities to make You the center of my life. Thank You, Lord.

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