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1850 Wedding Traditions

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    The weddings of the 1850’s were quite often very solemn as they did not play music at the ceremony, but eventually organ music was introduced before and after the marriage vows were given. Eventually it became customary to have music played at your wedding; however the bride and groom did not pick the music as it was left to the organist to choose.

The etiquette of marriage: The engagement, wedding ...
    The etiquette of marriage: The engagement, wedding ceremony & after (1850) Popping the question. There is nothing more appalling to a modest and sensitive young man than asking the girl he loves... A romantic walk in the moonlight. In the country, the lover is taking a …

The Victorian Wedding-Part 2 - Literary Liaisons
    In the 1850s, weddings were almost always held in church, and it was customary to use the bride's parish. The clergyman and parish clerk were in attendance. After the ceremony, the couple signed their name in the parish register in the vestry. The bride signed her maiden name.

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    A glass ring was hidden in the pie, the lucky “finder” of which was said to become the next to marry. The bread tradition is a little more disconcerting: it was broken over the bride’s head to symbolize her impending loss of virginity and guests subsequently picked crumbs off her head, dress, and veil to obtain some of her good luck. Yech.

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    As the Victorian Era matured, many of these early folk traditions gave way to a strong sense of propriety in wedding protocol that couples increasingly followed to gain standing in society. Mark Twain described the time period of 1878–1889 as the Gilded Age in America, due to enormous wealth among a few American industrialists.

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    Another tradition stumbled into Elizabethan times as well, the bride ale. A bride would gather in a courtyard and sell ale to as many people would buy it, for as much as they would pay to finance her wedding. Invitations were still not sent out. People knew of the wedding and they would attend. If it was to be held at court, courtiers knew to go.

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