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$200 Marriage Counselling

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Government to Offer $200 Vouchers for Relationship Counselling,give%20couples%20a%20%24200%20subsidy%20to%20attend%20counselling.

$200 for marriage counselling a nice idea but what's the ...
    From July, couples intending to get married will be eligible for a $200 government-funded voucher for relationship counselling.

The 6 Best Online Marriage Counseling Programs of 2022
    In-person couples counseling usually ranges from around $75 to $200 an hour. Online therapy may start at approximately $40 a week for unlimited messaging and go up to about $250 for a 50-minute live video session.

$200 Marriage Counselling voucher is offensive & smells …,103
    Reading the news this morning and coming across “Federal Government offers newlyweds $200 voucher to attend marriage counselling” I nearly choked on my coffee, I thought when that was suggested prior to the election it was just a dodgy feel-good brain fart to make the Australian Christian Lobby & other God Squad groups feel confident about backing the Liberals. …

Government to Offer $200 Vouchers for Relationship Counselling
    by Melbourne Child Psychology & School Psychology Services, Port Melbourne. The government is trialing a plan to provide newlywed couples with gift vouches for marriage counselling. They are going to spend 20 million dollars to give couples a $200 subsidy to attend counselling. From July this year, 100 000 newlyweds will be able to use the vouchers for …

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