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2nd Marriage Who Pays

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Who Pays for the Wedding? Here's the Official Answer,wedding%20can%20take%20an%20active%20role%20in%20decision-making.

The Second Wedding Etiquette Questions Everyone …
    According to second marriage wedding etiquette, a couple should not expect their parents to cover all wedding costs or contribute to the wedding, though the majority of parents will for a first wedding. Couples getting married for the second time are often older and financially secure and therefore tend to pay for their wedding themselves.

Money and Second Marriages, Remarriage and …
    Previous marriages: This is her second, his third. Children: He has an adult daughter. How they handle their money: Sarah, 43, and Rick, 64, met 11 years ago, while they were working as engineers for Hewlett-Packard in Boise, Idaho. When they married, they moved into his house and he continued to pay the mortgage.

How to Handle Money in a Second Marriage - AARP
    Our marriage, the second for each of us, resembles our first ones. But it’s different in one very big way: We have not merged our money. At first this seemed appropriate. We came to the marriage with different incomes and assets, and our obligations didn’t match. He was putting his children through college. I hadn’t hit that expense yet.

Who Pays for the Wedding? Here's the Official Answer
    The who pays for what breakdown also varies for LGBTQIA+ couples, who pay for 61% of wedding expenses themselves, while their parents pay for 37%. And if it's a couple's second wedding, they'll most likely foot the bill themselves, paying for …

Second wedding who pays for what? - Answers

Here Comes The Bride, Again: Second Wedding Etiquette
    Most second-time bridal couples take the position that it’s not their second or third wedding, but rather, the first for them as a couple. For most, they will older, hopefully wiser and paying for the wedding themselves. Holding the purse strings means that the decisions will be theirs alone.

Should You Combine Finances in a Second Marriage?
    One of the more common arrangements I see amongst couples in second marriages, and even amongst those in first marriages, is the idea of combining household expenses, but keeping other aspects of the finances separate. A couple might open a joint bank account together and each put in a set amount each month to cover household expenses.

Second Weddings: Everything You Need to Know - The …
    Create Your Own Ceremony. Often with second weddings, brides are not "given away" by their families, as they traditionally are in a first wedding, explains Kate Reavey, owner of Chicago Vintage Weddings."Ceremony processionals tend to be more understated," she says."What I find is that couples prefer to carve out a fresh direction for their second wedding ceremony so it feels entirely ...

Wedding Costs: Who Pays for What? - Brides
    The parents of the groom are expected to pay for the marriage license and officiant fee, the rehearsal dinner (including the venue, food, drink, …

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