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Hunter-gatherers data sheet (put reference #:page # after ...
    The Aché are a tribe of the Tupí-Guaraní language family. They were referred to as the Guayaki pre-1960s until they were ... Male first marriage averages at 20.2 years of age. Female first marriage averages at 14 years of age. (2, pg. 232) ... Ache. Hunter-gatherers data sheet (put reference #:page # after each entry) 2pts each quantitative ...

The Origins of the Apache Wedding Blessing
    Jan 22, 2021 · In the novel and film, Army captain and Pony Express rider Tom Jeffords ventures into Apache territory during the time of attacks on the newly formed U.S. mail service. Jeffords befriends Apache leader, Cochise, and brokers peace between the U.S. and Indigenous peoples. Jeffords marries an Apache woman, Morning Star.Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Aché - Arizona State University
    One of the four groups of Ache practiced cannibalism regularly until the 1960s (see Clastres 19xx), and the northern group sometimes cremated old people thought to harbor dangerous vengeful spirits. All Ache believe in some types of hunting magic, and in the curative powers of pregnant women.

The Ache of Marriage by Denise Levertov Poetry Foundation
    The ache of marriage: thigh and tongue, beloved, are heavy with it, it throbs in the teeth. We look for communion. and are turned away, beloved, each and each. It is leviathan and we. in its belly.

Documentation of the Cultural Heritage of the Aché ...
    Mar 07, 2019 · The people‚Äôs recent history is dramatic: until the 1970s, the Aché were hunted and sold as slaves. There was a slave market in southern Paraguay as recently as 1967. In 1972, the German ethnologist Mark Münzel wrote about the genocide of the Aché in a publication, drawing international attention to this tragedy.

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    Among the Nagas of Assam, a cause of marriage by capture is the dearth of women in their own tribe due to the evil custom of killing just born daughters. With the application of Indian Penal Code in Tribal circles, the custom of marriage by capture is gradually disappearing.

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