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Aclu Big Gay Illegal Wedding

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My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding with Tim Gunn - ACLU
    We at the ACLU are chipping in to help 5 same-sex couples have a Big, Gay, (Il)legal Wedding to highlight the unfair patchwork of state marriage laws and why it's so important for everyone to have the freedom to marry. We're giving $5,000 to couples with the …

The American Civil Liberties Union Launches "My Big Gay ...
    The "My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding" contest is sponsored by ACLU. Open to legal residents of any U.S. states (EXCEPT WISCONSIN AND VIRGINIA) that do not have the freedom to marry for same-sex couples that border a state & D.C. that does.

Meet the Five Winning Couples of "My Big Gay (Il ... - ACLU
    The ACLU will help these same-sex couples go the extra mile down the aisle—border-crossing weddings include a hot air balloon ride from Texas and a carriage ride from Tennessee—into a state where it is legal to marry, highlighting the current inequalities that exist between neighboring states.

My Big Gay Illegal Wedding for ACLU -
    My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding is a groundbreaking, flagship ACLU campaign and the culmination of our work to revamp the organization’s supporter engagement strategy. The campaign uses humor to empower same-sex couples from across the country to become powerful spokespeople for marriage equality, reach new audiences and shift perceptions about the issue.

Why We Entered the ACLU's 'My Big, Gay, (Il)legal Wedding ...
    By sponsoring a national contest like this, the ACLU has raised awareness around issues regarding the freedom to marry by showing how marriage equality h...

VIDEO: ACLU's "My Big Gay (il)legal wedding" with Tim Gunn ...
    "My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding" is an initiative that advocates for marriage equality in a unique way that's already gaining national attention. VIDEO: ACLU's "My Big Gay (il)legal wedding" with Tim Gunn, coming to a couple near you GLAAD

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