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Thinking the Same Thing Chapter 1: Wedding night, a little ...
    Ariel felt her hips buck of their own accord as on of Eric's hands found her clit and began to draw circles on it with his thumb. Ariel began to moan louder and breathe heavier as Eric's magic fingers and tongue brought her closer and closer to the edge of a precipice that she didn't even know existed.

Lost In Thought Chapter 9- Wedding Night, a ... - FanFiction
    Lost In Thought Chapter 9- Wedding Night, a little mermaid fanfic FanFiction Eric carried her bridal style into their room, as they walked through the door Eric pulled her into a kiss; Ariel threw her hands around his neck pulling them into an even deeper kiss which caused him to chuckle against her lips.

A Wedding Chapter 1: Preparations, a little mermaid fanfic ...
    Aug 29, 2012 · A Wedding Chapter 1: Preparations, a little mermaid fanfic FanFiction. This is a 3 chapter version of Ariel and Eric's wedding. I do not own anything, Disney does. Enjoy! There's nothing more in this world she needed. Everything was right here. Soon she'd be married and she could barely hold in her excitement and joy and, with her nature, she ...

Before & After Melody's Birth with Ariel and Eric Chapter ...
    (Before and After the Wedding of Ariel & Eric chapter 3) Eric swept me off of my feet as soon as we got into the castle, and gently laid me on the bed. He was smiling at me, and I figured out where this was heading. After I had been turned into a human I read up on …

A Married Life Over The Sea Chapter 1, a ... - FanFiction
    No. A Married Life Over The Sea. (Ariel's POV) As we set off sailing the sea waving goodbye to my father King Triton, My husband Eric was there with me as he waved goodbye too. Eric was so handsome and smart I was able to ask my questions and got answers especially on how fire works and that it burns because it was what it was supposed to do.

Ariel and Eric Wedding Night Fanfics LittleAriel Forum
    Jun 30, 2013 · Ariel Fanfiction. Ariel and Eric Wedding Night Fanfics. TRITON'S PALACE. Making Bubbles. Comings and Goings *~*Birthdays*~* The Throne Room. ... I am looking for some good Ariel/Eric wedding night stories. Imagine how foreign the concept would have been to Ariel! rejoice952 Sea Cucumber (inactive)

Ariel/Eric (Disney) - Works Archive of Our Own*s*Eric%20(Disney)/works
    “Hold my hand,” Ariel told Eric, the only direct command she promised to give him for the rest of the night. Ariel rescues her human from drowning more than once. Language: English Words: 780 Chapters: 1/2 Comments: 3 Kudos: 5 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 275

Fanfic: Ariel's Slavery, Little Mermaid FanFiction
    The wedding ship departs at sunset," Eric said. "Oh, oh - very well, Eric - as you wish sir," Grimsby said. Once Ariel heard this she ran upstairs crying in defeat as Ursula in the disguised human form of Vanessa smiled as her plan was coming together now.

Wedding Night...well.. morning by mRsAbL on DeviantArt
    Feb 25, 2006 · Wedding Night...well.. morning. By mRsAbL. 424 Favourites 79 Comments 36K Views. This is a bday present (ell, kinda it's just part of it) for a friend, that loves Ariel and Eric (from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid), I'm also supposed to do Esmeralda and phoebus and Beauty and the beast (in form of prince).

Robot Chicken - Eric and Ariel Wedding Night - YouTube
    Jan 22, 2020 · Season 8, episode 2: Garbage SushiAuthor: R M

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