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Family Law Forms - Arizona Judicial Branch
    Family Law actions must be filed in the Superior Court of the county in which one of the spouses resides provided that at least one of the spouses has lived in Arizona for at least 90 days. If the action involves a minor child, that child must have lived in Arizona for at least 6 months prior to filing. The forms available on this site are ...

State & County Law Library Locations - Arizona Judicial Branch
    Law Library Law Library 110 West Congress Street 1400 East Ash Room 256 Globe, Arizona 85501 Tucson, Arizona 85701 Graham County. Pinal County. Law Library Law Library, 2 nd Floor 800 West Main Street Superior Court Building Safford, Arizona 85546 971 Jason Lopez Circle, Bldg A Florence, Arizona 85132 Greenlee County

State & County Law Library Locations - Arizona Judicial Branch
    Law Library. Law Library, 2 nd Floor. 800 West Main Street. Superior Court Building. Safford, Arizona 85546. 100 North Florence . Florence, Arizona 85232. Greenlee County . Law Library. Santa Cruz County. 223 West 5 th Street. Law Library. Clifton, Arizona 85533. Santa Cruz Superior Court . 2150 North Congress Drive. La Paz County. Nogales ...

Law Library Resource Center - Maricopa County, Arizona
    Apr 29, 2021 · AZPOINT, the Arizona Protective Order Initiation and Notification Tool, has been designed to help you fill out a petition for an Order of Protection.Through an interview in AZPOINT, you can quickly and accurately fill out the forms that are needed to request an Order of Protection at an Arizona court.. The Law Library Resource Center (LLRC) has legal information, forms, services and …

Law Library Resource Center - Maricopa County, Arizona
    The disclosure statement form can be found on the Law Library Resource Center webpage. Arizona Pracce: Marriage Dissoluon Pracce, Chapter 13, sec. 208 Divorce of a Covenant Marriage If you are unsure if your marriage is a covenant marriage please see A.R.S. §25‐901. You may also find informaon on the Arizona Judicial branch webpage for a booklet on Covenant Mar‐File Size: 131KB

Family Law - CLSAZ
    In Arizona, family law cases are handled by the county Superior Courts. Family courts throughout Arizona handle cases in similar ways; however, details may be different, depending on the county where your case is. In very general terms, one party starts a case by filing a Petition with the court and having the petition served on the other party.

Arizona Marriage Laws - FindLaw
    Jan 09, 2019 · Section 25-102. Section 25-111. Section 25-112. Section 25-121. Valid Marriage. For a valid marriage in Arizona: The couple must obtain a marriage license; Participate in a marriage ceremony; and. The marriage must be solemnized (by a person legally authorized to …

What is a Common Law Marriage? Arizona Family Lawyers ...
    Jan 07, 2015 · Arizona does not recognize common law marriage generally speaking. The Constitution of the United States requires that states give “full faith and credit” to court orders from other states, which could include a common law marriage. Practically speaking, a couple that meets the criteria to be common law married in another state will not be ...

Arizona Family Law Legal Definitions - Best Law Firm
    Family Law Rules: The Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (ARFLP) are the procedure rules that guide family law litigation cases. Family Law : The laws that relate to family They include laws about divorce, paternity, decision-making, parenting plans, property and debt division, child support, spousal support (alimony), and other topics.

State Law Library – Wyoming Judicial Branch
    State Law Library. The mission of the Wyoming State Law Library is to serve the Wyoming judiciary, members of the Wyoming State Bar Association, the Wyoming Legislature and the public by acquiring and maintaining appropriate legal resources that contribute to the process of providing just and timely resolution of all matters before the courts.

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