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10 Pros & Cons Of Sex Before Marriage
    One of the reasons to have sex before marriage is that it is known that sex leads to better health and even if you have a delayed marriage but your sex life is healthy, it can contribute to overall good health, fewer mental and physical problems. Also Try: Do I Have a Good Sex Life Quiz 10 cons of sex before marriage. Is premarital sex bad?

Q&A. My Wife Has Had Sex Before Marriage. I’m Devastated ...
    Sex before marriage is a private issue Coming to the question of your parents’ reaction – you should remember that your wife is living with your parents. It’s she who’s moved to a new home and made a new family her own, not them. Hence it’s your responsibility to make sure she doesn’t receive unwarranted treatment from them.

Wife's sexual history before marriage...ouch! - Marriage ...
    Wife's sexual history before marriage...ouch! Wife's sexual history before marriage...ouch! By TiredFamilyGuy, September 10, 2012 in Marriage and Life Partnerships. Share ... She is obviously someone you saw fit to spend at least 16 years together with and it sounds like you have a healthy sex life. I believe when people find someone they ...

I’m ready to spice up my sex life in my marriage! Here’s ...
    How to Spice Up Sex Life Number One: Set up your intention before. Setting up an intention to have some good spiced up sex from the getgo is needed. The reality is we get pretty used to the ways we go about our sex lives. Things become routine. But if you know that you want a spiced up sex life in your marriage you can set this up as an intention.

What Not Having Sex Does to Your Marriage - The Marriage Place
    Married 50 years had sex couple of times, and I really have no interest in sex with wife or any one else. My work and my cars are my mistress and always has been. I’ve always worked the midnight shift at least 12 hours a day, then sleep and do it all again and most weekends.

The 9 Kinds of Sex That All Married Women Need |
    Marriage is a special bond, and living with someone almost 24/7 can really change your sex life. Much has been said about the bad side of married sex, but let’s talk about the main benefit- most married sex is ‘come as you are”. Intimacy happens while life is happening, and you have to be real and vulnerable.

How to Spice Up Your Married Sex Life – SheKnows
    Enjoying a happy, healthy sex life is really important for the majority of marriages and other committed romantic relationships. So here are seven ways to …

Sexless Marriage & Divorce: When to Walk Away (2021 Guide)
    Before you decide on how to proceed, you need to understand the reasons behind your partner's refusal, or a reluctance of you both, to have a regular sex life in a marriage. Also, examine the psychological effects of a sexless marriage and how a lack of sex could be grounds for divorce.

Oral Sex and the Christian Wives Who Love Giving It
    Oral sex is a huge part of our marriage and always has been. My wife is very generous with it–thanks goodness. For us, it is always 50/50–if she gives it to me, I give it to her and vice versa. Funny aside: When my wife was pregnant she has horrible morning sickness. Long story short: She heard that semen can make it better.

8 Habits That Will Kill Your Married Sex Life | All Pro Dad
    Marriages suffer when husbands and wives slowly stop communicating. Your sex life is one of the first things to suffer from a lack of communication in a marriage. Never stop communicating. Share your emotions, fears, and hurts. Talk about your relationship often. Talk about your sex life, what you like, and what turns you on. Talk during sex.

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