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Behind The Marriage Mask

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The Masks We Must Wear: Authentic Relationships
    Many of us often hide the real versions of ourselves in a relationship for fear that if the person we're with, they truly knew the person behind the mask that they might run away in fear. These masks inevitably become embedded and …

Are You Wearing a Mask in Your Relationship? - Shel Harrington
    Temporary masks can sometimes be a good thing. “We put them on as coping skills, and they serve a purpose,” says Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist …

The Masks We Wear - Lessons From the End of a Marriage
    Behind the Mask – A fear of being vulnerable. This is the person who refuses to show emotion. Who either responds with analytical perspective or indifference to any situation, even those that are emotionally charged. They are often read as cold, uncaring. But often they are soft and sensitive on the inside.

6 Signs You’re Hiding Behind A Mask - Think aloud
    Those who are unsure of their power can be found hiding behind a mask of acting like a bully. Some people use anger to hide from a world that they don’t think loves them. We’re hiding behind a mask because we are pretending. We pretend that everything’s fine at work when we could lose our job, or we pretend that our marriage is okay when there are issues.

Behind the Narcissist Mask: The Bully, Coward, Liar and ...
    The Narcissist Liar. The narcissist mask is a lie designed to protect her from truths she cannot bear. Again, this feels like a pity plea moment, and indeed pity for the narcissist is understandable. But pity for the narcissist is dangerous territory that often leads those already victimized into a position for further abuse.

What mask are YOU wearing? – Laced With Grace – Christian ...
    There is no where we can run from His Spirit, no where to escape His love, no mask to hide our person from Him. With God, we can stop pretending, take off our mask, and allow Him to love us. And, I believe that we can also take off our masks with our sisters in Christ, allow them to love us, and share authentic relationships with them.

The Double Life of a Narcissist. When the mask falls off ...
    My marriage was in trouble. ... when the mask started to slip and I felt as though I were living with both Jekyll and Hyde, never knowing which one would walk in the door at any given moment, I ...

Why Do We Hide Behind Masks? -
    Maybe your mask says perfect mom, while you secretly feel like you have no purpose. On the outside, it might look like your house, marriage or career is so awesome, but on the inside you’re lonely, hurting and you feel completely lost. black n95 mask
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