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Beijing Chengdu China Traditional Village Wedding

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Traditional Chinese Wedding Customs - China Tour
    Accompanied by boisterous blaring trumpets, the bride is welcomed into the groom’s home. Bowing to Heaven and Earth. Once at the groom’s home, the bride and groom bow to heaven and earth in front of the groom’s family altar first, the groom’s parents second, and to each other last. Traditional Tea Ceremony.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Etiquette - Top China Travel
    Despite the fact that most people in China have accepted the modern Western wedding ceremony, the traditional Chinese wedding etiquette is still respected and kept today. The time, when the night falls, was regarded by ancient Chinese people as an auspicious time for wedding, so it was called “rite at the nightfall” at the very beginning.

China combats extravagant wedding traditions in rural ...
    BEIJING, March 19 (Xinhua) -- Local authorities and communities in China have come up with various measures to combat extravagant rural wedding traditions such as hefty "caili" (betrothal gifts), according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs Monday.

Wedding Customs & Rituals in China - Top China Travel
    The first one will usually be a western wedding gown when they standing at the wedding reception lobby welcoming their friends, then bride will wear a delicate Chinese long fenggua(龙凤褂) to compete the wedding ceremony on the stage, after which an elegant Qipao(旗袍) will be wore as the couple get mingled and start toasts with their families and friends under the stage.

Ancient Chinese Marriage Customs - China Highlights
    At a traditional Chinese wedding, the bride and the groom both cut a lock of their hair which is then tied in a knot and put in a bag to keep. This small ritual towards the end of the wedding signifies the tying of the knot and becoming one in flesh and blood to live happily-ever-after. Post-Wedding Rituals

China’s Ancient Village with ... - Easy Tour China
    Renma Village and Miaoshang Village in Shanxian Town, Sanmenxia City boast the best-kept cave houses, some of which are over 200 years old and home to six generations. The underground cave dwelling is a magical creature of the natural environment, and an ideal dwelling house on the Loess Plateau.

Most Beautiful Ancient Villages in China, Chinese Ancient ...
    Wuyuan. Wuyuan is noted for having "the most beautiful villages in China". In fact, Wuyuan is a county, with many ancient Ming and Qing style architectural features, including 113 ancient ancestral halls, 28 ancient mansions, 36 ancient dwellings, and 187 ancient bridges. Every village in Wuyuan is built with a river in front, and mountains behind.

The Custom of Crying Marriage - China Daily
    The Custom of Crying Marriage. Updated: 2007-09-06 08:54. The custom of crying marriage existed a long time ago in many areas of Southwest China's Sichuan Province, and remained in vogue until the ...

Wedding Customs and Traditions in China ... - Easy Tour China
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