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The Evolution of the Tang Political Elite and its Marriage ...
    The greater density of intermarriages between marriage-ban clans in the post-An Lushan period reflected the more extensive deployment of social capital as a resource for political reproduction. Footnote 56 This strategy was combined with concerted efforts by the old families to articulate clearly their distinction from the rest of society.

Shanghai launches 'co-sharing' matchmaking service, …
    A “co-sharing matchmaking service” consisting of Shanghai’s 28 matchmaking agencies was set up in the city on Monday, aiming to buck the declining marriage trend.

An Lushan - Wikipedia
    An Lushan or An Lu-shan (20th day of the 1st month 19 February 703 – 29 January 757) was a general in the Tang dynasty and is primarily known for instigating the An Lushan Rebellion.. An Lushan was of Sogdian and Göktürk origin, at least by adoption. He rose to military prominence by defending the northeastern Tang frontier from the Khitans and other threats.

Introduction of Mountain Lushan -
    Mountain Lushan is located in the south of Jiujiang City, close to the Poyang Lake in the east and to the Yangtze River in the north, near Nanchang. Mountain Lushan's ares is 302 square kilometers in all, the area of hill with 282 square kilom-eters. It has twelve scenic areas, with the highest Hanyang Peak about 1,474 meters.

Top 10 Websites In Matchmaking - nicfiles
    Top 1. 0 matchmaking websites in China Juedui. Juedui. 10. 0. com Registered users: 1. As an expert on love and marriage psychology, Zhu Li co- founded Juedui 1. Beijing in early 2. With a group of masters and doctors of psychology, the site boasts the only matchmaking service agency in the country established and operated by psychological experts.

China Travel: China Travel Agency Featured in Multiple ...
    China Travel, Experience Your Way! We are a China-based company and have been serving online customers for over 20 years. We provide private one-stop China trips that are fun and flexible, with the freedom to choose local activities and experiences to make your own trip. We are more than happy to customize your unique trip.

Wei Heng Introduction - Beijing Weiheng Law Firm
    W&H Introduction. W&H Law Firm was founded in early 1995 by former core members of the “China Legal Affairs Center” of Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China. After nearly 25 years of rapid development and growth, W&H Law Firm has been becoming one of the most prestigious and large-scale law firms in China.

China Travel Agency, Small Group & Private Tour Service
    2022 Small Groups (Max. 6 travelers) Join small group tours at the lowest price and enjoy the top-notch services provided by the largest online China travel agency! There are 31 itineraries covering the most popular destinations. Below are the three best sales and you will see more when you look further. 8 Days Beijing/ Xian/ Shanghai from $1619.

Brief introduction - Exploring Tianjin
    Tianjin has played a significant role in the economic exchanges and development between the North and South of China. After the middle period of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Tianjin became a hub for the transportation of grain and silk from the south to the north. The establishment of Zhiguzhai in the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) and Haijin Town in ...

The Glory of Tang Dynasty - Wikipedia
    The Glory of Tang Dynasty is a 2017 Chinese television series starring Jing Tian and Ren Jialun. It is based on the novel The Concubine of Tang: Legend of Pearl by Cang Mingshui; and tells the fictional love story of Emperor Daizong and Consort Shen, aided by the grandiose historical background of the An Shi Rebellion. The series was aired for 92 episodes, split into two …

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