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Being A Godly Leader In Your Marriage

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8 Characteristics of Loving Leadership in Marriage

How Does A Husband Lead His Wife And Family?

For the Church | 5 Characteristics of a Godly Leader
    A godly leader is always growing and always looking for the best way to do something. A good leader is always looking for truth and wisdom. A godly leader takes care of his or her body. A godly leader cannot lead if he or she …

Spiritual Leadership in the Home - Focus on the Family
    He must be balanced in his commitments and nurturing in his concern for the mental and emotional needs of each family member. He must be proactive, spotting potential challenges to the welfare of his wife and children and coming up …

What Should Be the Husband's 'Role' in Marriage? - …
    To be a leader, a lover, and a servant is to accommodate your life to the gift God has given you—your wife. Give up your life for hers and, at the judgment seat of Christ, He will say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” You may want to read Barbara Rainey’s article “ What Should Be the Wife’s Role in Marriage? “

1. Characteristics of Godly Leaders |
    What are characteristics of godly leaders? Second Timothy 3:17 says that Scripture is given to equip the man of God for “all righteousness.” All righteousness includes things like marriage, being a good employee, and even being a great leader. The Bible is full of stories about leadership but none may be as instructive as the book of Nehemiah.

14 Characteristics of a Godly Wife That Will Save Your ...

The Five Priorities of a Godly Husband - Christian ...
    Love God (Deuteronomy 6:5) Once a week I lead a group of nine seminary students who …

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