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Being A Good Wedding Dj

A wedding is a very important event in a person's life. We have compiled information about Being A Good Wedding Dj from a wide variety of sources for you.

6 Essentials For DJing At Weddings - Digital DJ Tips,ability%20to%20market%20yourself.%20...%206%20Adaptability.%20

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    Being a wedding DJ is one of the most enjoyable self-employed jobs you can do and can pay reasonably well for the hours that you ‘work’. There is quite a lot to think about when planning a set for a wedding, however, a lot can be prepared beforehand.

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So You Want To Be A Wedding DJ? By: Mike Alexander
    There are many difficult situations that may arise. You have to be witty, think fast, improvise, be quick on your feet, and be able to handle crisis situations. If you can’t handle the pressure, you better not pursue becoming a wedding DJ.

6 Essentials For DJing At Weddings - Digital DJ Tips
    6 Essentials For DJing At Weddings 1. Broad musical knowledge. Sure, you love your EDM. You love flawless mixing, sampling, beat-juggling, and creating new... 2. A likeable persona. From your initial meeting with the bride-and-groom-to-be, you need to be responsive and attentive... 3. Organisation ...

How to DJ & MC A Wedding | Start to Finish Guide | Event ...
    A majority of weddings will not need a DJ for the ceremony. The ceremony will normally be held during the day a few hours before the wedding reception and getting a DJ in just for this part can be costly for the customer and not necessary as not much volume is required.

What is it like to be a wedding DJ? - Quora
    Being a wedding DJ is the best job there is. Let me explain why I say this: A couples wedding day is the second most important day in most people's lives. To be the single person that makes this day special is both a big responsibility and very rewarding. Every weekend I get to meet 100 or more new people.

How To Become A DJ: A Beginner's Guide (Passionate DJ)
    Step 7: Building a Following Publishing and Sharing Mixes. When you’ve recorded a mix or two that you feel comfortable sharing, find a place to host... Creating an Online Presence. Like anything we want to promote, building a solid online presence is critical to success. Promoting Yourself on Social ...

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