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    Becoming a Marriage Counselor-Overview The first step toward becoming a marriage counselor is to earn a bachelor's degree with coursework in behavioral sciences. Prerequisite classes in statistical analysis are also required for admission to many psychology and marriage counseling master's degree programs.

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Marriage Counselor Career: Job Duties, Skills & Degrees
    They guide couples through conversations to find the root troubles and conflicts before working with both individuals to find compromises and routes to progress. Marriage counselors often work in a guidance role, offering little to no opinion but rather helping the couple to uncover their own needs and conflicts.

Marriage Counselor Careers: Job Description & Salary ...
    Prospective marriage counselors will need to first complete a master's degree program in the mental health field, according to the BLS. Degree options could include programs in counseling, marriage and family therapy or clinical psychology. All …

27 Key Pros & Cons Of Being A Marriage Counselor - JE
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