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Being Forced Into Marriage

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Forced Marriage | USCIS
    Forced marriage may occur when family members or others use physical or emotional abuse, threats, or deception to force you to marry without your consent. Forced marriage can happen to individuals of any race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sex, age, immigration status, or national origin.

Forced Marriage | Trafficked Through Marriage - End ...
    Forced marriage is an institution or practice where individuals don’t have the option to refuse or are promised and married to another by their parents, guardians, relatives or other people and groups. Early marriage is the forced marriage of a child, usually defined internationally as an individual under the age of 18.

Forced Marriage: A Form of Modern-day Slavery
    Forced Marriage: A Form of Modern-day Slavery The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that 40.3 million people are enslaved around the world. Of those, 15.4 million are in situations of forced marriage. Forced marriage occurs when an individual, regardless of their age, has been forced to marry without consent.

5 Things to do if You are being Forced into Marriage ...
    Anyone can be forced into marriage by the use of coercion, guilt, threats, blackmail, harassment, financial pressure, emotional pressure, physical violence, psychological duress, or you might even be tricked into getting married. The rates of child marriage vary between states and are as high as 69% and 65% in Bihar and Rajasthan.

Forced marriage - Wikipedia
    Forced marriage is a marriage in which one or more of the parties is married without their consent or against their will. A marriage can also become a forced marriage even if both parties enter with full consent if one or both are later forced to stay in the marriage against their will. Forced Marriage Unit campaign July 2012 (7555353844)

‘Trapped’: The American women and girls forced into marriage
    Approximately 12 million girls globally are forced into marriage before the age of 18 each year and nearly 650 million women alive today were married …

Dream about Being Forced Into Marriage - DreamAboutMeaning
    Being forced into marriage dream hints feelings of aggression or submission. You have reached an agreement or a decision to a problem. You are lacking emotions. This dream represents your lacking awareness of something in your life. You are lacking adventure in your life. If you dreamt about being forced into marriage:

Millions of Young Girls Forced Into Marriage
    Millions of Young Girls Forced Into Marriage "Whenever I saw him, I hid. I hated to see him," recalls Tahani, pictured here, of the early days of her marriage to …

Here's how you can help stop forced marriages! - SHERO ...
    A forced marriage is when informed consent does not exist with someone who is getting married or is married. It is still considered a forced marriage when someone has given their consent but only after they were subjected to bribery, emotional …

Everything You Need to Know About Escaping from a Forced ...
    When one or both spouses don’t consent to marriage, it is forced. A forced marriage occurs when one or both spouses do not consent to the marriage and duress is involved. Children and at-risk adults (those with developmental disabilities) cannot consent to marriage.

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