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Being Transparent In Marriage

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    To be transparent means to be open, candidly free from guile and to be frank. Transparency in marriage simply means the state of been open, truthful, candid and frank with your spouse, it also means to be full of guile and dishonesty. Marriage is known to be extremely difficult where husband and wife are not transparent to each other.

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    Be explaining. Explanation is a fantastic way to enjoy transparency in your married life. When …

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    Surrender to God’s will for your life and your marriage. Talk to your spouse. You can’t have transparency if you aren’t willing to tell your spouse what is going on. He or she cannot read your mind. Make your marriage be a safe place. Intentionally set aside time to connect. Speak to each other in love and give the grace that God has given you.

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    To fight fiercely for transparency in your marriage, you have two responsibilities: You must be transparent If you’re hiding something you probably know exactly what it is. Be brave, think of how and when to bring it up, and pray about what to say. Then ask God to flood your words and conversation with His brand of love.

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    “One transparency factor in marriage is recognizing that your spouse cannot be everything for you,‚” says Mona. “In transparent honesty, you can acknowledge, ‘I can’t help you in that area.’‚” Mona suggests figuring out a healthy alternative.

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    Transparency in marriage means having the courage to have the tough conversations so that you both can solve problems together as a team. If one of you makes a major purchase going over the...

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Are You Invisible or Transparent in Life and Marriage?
    What does being transparent involve? It involves taking the risk of letting others into your heart and life. But more importantly, you’ll need to trust God enough to let others, especially your spouse, see you as you are—warts and all. In this way you’ll be saying to your spouse, “In-to-me-see” (get it? . . . “Intimacy”).

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