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A wedding is a very important event in a person's life. We have compiled information about Belarus Weddings from a wide variety of sources for you.

Best Country: Belarus Wedding Traditions
    Marriage today in Belarus. Today’s bride in Belarus may choose to wear a white wedding dress (the color of joy) or she may choose to wear a more colorful dress. As a sign of her thriftiness, it is often customary for the bride to buy her own wedding shoes out of her own savings. The wedding veil is still an important part of the bride’s outfit. In olden times it was …

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    In Belarus the civil wedding ceremony is a must. people prefer the one held in church. Nowadays the people get married out of love. Still in the past arranged marriages were These marriages were set by the fathers. Most families do not care about it. older brother or sister should marry first. Every change in this order is treated negatively.

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    Belarus wedding traditions may differ from customs in your country. For example, a towel should be tied to a bride’s hand as a symbol of a path – she leaves her parent’s home and becomes a wife. Another towel is placed on the floor. A groom and a bride have to stay on it during the wedding ceremony.

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    A wedding is considered successful, if wedding expenses are covered by gift money. And then morning comes, the first morning as a married couple which brings with it new feelings and new obstacles. No one thinks about it beforehand, but statistics show that 5 out of 10 marriages in Belarus end up in divorce.

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    1. Belarus brides for marriage are traditional women and family orientated. Like other mail order brides Belarusian women really do make great wives. They are family orientated, are easy to get along with and make a trustworthy partner for life. 2.

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    Because the economy is so poor in Belarus, which is not a member of the European Union, Belarusian brides are more likely to be even more enthusiastic about leaving their country to marry a Western man than Ukrainian or Russian women. Belarus babes tend to resemble their Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish sisters but there are also many differences.

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