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Belarusian Citizenship Marriage

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Law of the Republic of Belarus on Citizenship of the ...,Maintenance%20of%20citizenship%20of%20the%20Republic%20of%20Belarus

Marriage in Belarus - U.S. Embassy in Belarus
    According to Belarusian laws, a marriage can not be registered sooner than 3 or later than 90 calendar days after it was applied for. Below is a list of documents to be submitted to the registrar’s office (ZAGS) by the engaged couple:

Law of the Republic of Belarus on Citizenship of the ...
    When a citizen of the Republic of Belarus contracts or dissolves a marriage with a citizen of another country or with a stateless person, the citizenship of the husband or the wife is not changed. The person who has contracted marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Belarus is granted Belarusian citizenship if he

How can a foreigner register a marriage with a Belarusian ...
    Going to the Registrar Office List of documents. Translation and certification are carried out in Belarus. ... In the Registrar Office. You must come to the Registrar Office with your future spouse/husband in person and provide the... After the marriage. When marrying in Belarus, keep in mind that ...

Marriage in Belarus, how to get married in Belarus ...
    The conditions of marriage must be observed: the marriage is valid in the territory of Belarus, if it does not contradict the legislation of the country where the registration was made, and the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The recognition of a marriage between two foreign citizens requires only complying with the legislation of a foreign state.

Information for Dual Citizens - U.S. Embassy in Belarus
    Because both the U.S. and Belarus are signatories of the Hague Apostille Convention, the Government of Belarus cannot accept U.S. issued documents without an Apostille. Dual citizens who plan to enter Belarus using their Belarusian passports should make sure their Belarusian passports will be valid for their entire stay in Belarus and be certain to carry Apostilled copies …

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