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Belarusian Traditional Wedding

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Belarusian wedding traditions - HiFive Belarus,whose%20aim%20is%20to%20entertain%20and%20amuse%20guests.

Belarusian wedding traditions - HiFive Belarus
    Another tradition at a Belarusian wedding is the TAMADA (pronounced “tah-mah-dah”)! A Tamada is a loud, lively, and overly cheerful toast-master whose aim is to entertain and amuse guests. The Tamada has two major functions: first, he (or she) introduces guests to the entire group and gets the wedding party excited leading toasts to the newlyweds, and Secondly, …

Best Country: Belarus Wedding Traditions
    Belarus wedding traditions are quite ancient. One of the oldest wedding traditions involves the concept of “order in priority.” What this meant was that the oldest daughter was married first, followed by the next oldest and so forth. If a younger sister married before her older sister it was considered a major embarrassment for everyone.

Weddingstreet | A traditional Belarusian wedding
    A traditional Belarusian wedding. Jun 2 2017 By Asha Parvathy. Belarus, the landlocked country in the Eastern Europe, has a rich heritage. The people still value the country's ancient heritage and it also reflects in the wedding customs of the country. Earlier, parents used to select the life partners for their children, but nowadays the younger generation has the …

Belarus Weddings -
    The object that used to have an important role in the local wedding is a towel. It was tied to the bride's hand on her way to the wedding. During the traditional wedding ceremony the bride and groom used to stand on the "padnozhnik" towel. Nowadays many guests often wrap their presents in a towel. Every Belarus bride has her bridesmaids.

Belarus’ traditional wedding? Shot of vodka, swaddled log ...
    The members of The Student Ethnographic Society and musician Syarhei Douhushau helped Adarka and Yauhen hold a traditional Belarusian wedding during Kamyanitsa festival in the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Strochytsy near Minsk. The participants wanted to support the museum and show Belarusians and foreign visitors how important …

Interesting facts about Belarusian culture. Learn the most ...
    Wedding ceremony. The brightest Belarusian ceremonial events is wedding. On such important occasions, as a rule the whole family gathers together, including close and distant relatives and the variety of dishes are served. Ceremony that possesses a deep sense is a Belarusian wedding.

Belarusian traditional embroidered towels - rushniks
    There's a lot of evidence of this fact in ethnographic records of traditional ceremonies of Belarusian people of the 19th- 20th centuries. The image of a Path appears almost in all ceremonial acts performed with a towel. The image of towel-path is present literary or symbolically at all acts of the wedding ceremony.

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